REV. Series Motherboard

Intel 6/7/8/9th Gen Supported

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Have you ever been bothered by these?

Dust inside the chassis


Fan noise


Limited space for DIY


Processor overheating

​Gamers Nexus explain why we need CPU-Reversing

  • More space, dissipate heat easily

  • More creativity, break through the traditions

  • More silence, quieter with all-passive cooling

  • More convenience, easy to maintain without dust input risk

”Those issues are being terminated now“

Linus Tech Tips has some fun with our motherboard ?!

  • Break through the tradition, beyond your imagination

  • A challenge for DIY gamers, try your own solution

  • The concept can be utilized on different fields

  • Adapt to multiple cooling modules

Reviews and Feedback


More than Quality

ENCTEC Refined Inspection Solution

  • Contactless optical inspection

  • Leading detection speed and accuracy

  • All-customized machine designing

  • With 3D simulation and tilt calibration, ease to multi conditions

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​Business Partnership