About us

Founded in 2018, ENCTEC Electronic Technology is a new force under EDAC (Hangzhou) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. focusing on user experience and development of emerging electronic products. EDAC (Hangzhou) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2006, is about to enter its 15th year of operation. It is the leading supplier of customized automation solutions, dedicated to efficient automation equipment and various advanced measurement technologies. EDAC's product expertise not only spans control system and inspection, but also dedicates in customer collaboration. Now, a burst of innovative energy is ready to go, ENCTEC electronic technology is born accordingly. ​


The products and services provided by our company are:

  • Exclusive technology REV. series industrial/home motherboard

  • Fully customized automated testing equipment development

  • Advanced measurement technology solutions


Being proficient in research, diligent in exploration, and willing to collaborate is the purpose of ENCTEC's establishment. Meeting the needs of each customer is our first consideration. With stable operation and steady growth, ENCTEC Electronic Technology is not only a trusted business partner of enterprises, but also the best partner that consumers can rely on.