ENCTEC Cooling Extreme HP-01

ENCTEC Cooling Extreme HP-01


  • 370mmx200mmx60mm (LxWxH)



  • Fin: Aluminum
  • Heat pipe: Copper
  • Graphite coating



  • 1050grams (net weight)


Installation requirment

  • Compatible with ENCTEC REV. series motherboards
  • Product notice

    • The color of the product may be different from the actual product due to the light distortion or the screen setting.
    • This product is a special size. If it cannot be installed on a commercially available motherboard, it is normal. Please pay special attention before purchasing.
    • We will try our best to provide correct and complete information on the web page, and reserve the right to change and modify the page information without prior notice.
  • Purchase method and inquiry

    At present, this product is custom-made.

    If you want to buy this product, please contact us directly. For more information, please refer to FAQ